Practical & Versatile

Our ample packaging & equipment options will meet all your Private Label needs. Vibrant colors enhance appearance. Nitrogen flushing preserves product. Package Plus Case dating assists product rotation & freshness.

Stand-Up Bags

Our Stand-Up Bag (SUB) stands up on your shelf and stands up for freshness to keep products at peak quality. Environment-friendly SUB’s maximize shelf space, reduce costs & boost display appeal. 75% less plastic than rigid containers. No carton needed for display. Can also hang on a pegboard.


Our tri-barrier, anti-static film provides a fine protective seal, clear product window and broad surface for attractive graphics. The film is interior-coated with PVDC for a gas & moisture barrier. The PET base sheet has high heat stability for seal integrity and the LLDPE seals well at lower temps.

PET Jars

Our high-quality, high-visibility PET jars make it easy to stock your shelves and show off products. Wide-mouth jars offer great capacity. Gripper squares offer a solid handle. Boutique jars are great for impulse purchases. Hexagon jars offer unique display opportunities. Eye-catching. Convenient.

Composite Cans

Our composite cans are available in numerous sizes. Their handy, familiar shape offers immediate appeal to consumers. They’re safe and easy to open. Simple to stock. Long shelf life. Resealable.

Lid Colors: