Private Brands

You’ve probably enjoyed Hoody’s nuts & snacks without knowing it.  Our high-quality products are also sold as Private Brands for grocery stores, drug stores, mass merchants and others.  Whatever name is on the label, it’s our same great product.

We buy, process and sell in-shell peanuts, shelled peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, sunflower seeds, snack & trail mixes, candied nuts and nut-related products.  Product styles include raw, roasted, roasted salted, candy-coated, enrobed, nut brittles and snacks items.

Customized for You

Hoody’s and our parent Harvest Manor Farms are industry leaders in private labeling.  We understand that your business goals and requirements are unique to your operation.  That’s what we tailor our Private Brands Program products, packaging and shipping to suit your circumstances.

You tell us what you need. We’ll respond with flavorful nuts & snacks options that:

  • conform to your stocking needs
  • create or duplicate your product specifications
  • optimize shelf appeal
  • deliver quality superior to the national brands
  • provide unmatched consumer value

Service Without Compromise

Our operational efficiency and premium products allow our Private Brands customers to market top quality products at excellent value.  For freshness, quality and dependable service, Hoody’s personalized Private Brands Program is literally made to order to meet all your marketing needs.  We go the extra mile to create the perfect fit for you.