The Best to You

Studies have shown that nuts & snacks consumers consider freshness the most important factor in the nuts they choose.  Taste is a close second.  We at Hoody’s couldn’t agree more.

Nearly a century ago, we bought and sold the freshest, best-tasting peanuts to be found.  As our range of products has grown over the years, we’ve widened our focus to wherever in the world we can find the highest quality, best-tasting nuts, ingredients and spices. 

From the harvest to your home, each of our products takes a safe, speedy journey.  We keep our processing, packaging and delivery systems as efficient and effective as possible to make sure all your Hoody’s nuts & snacks are consistently fresh and uniquely tasty.

100% Guarantee of Satisfaction

We will replace any Hoody’s product for any reason.

It’s that simple.  Because it’s very important to us that we stand behind all our products.  And it’s equally important that we truly believe our customers come first.

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