Hoody’s in a Nutshell

Since 1913, Hoody’s has been a leading U.S. purveyor of peanuts and other fine nuts & snacks products.  Our parent company Harvest Manor Farms now includes All American, Manor Creek Naturals, Treat Time and Original Nut House brands and also offers a Private Brands Program. 

In our ongoing quest for excellence, the world is our supermarket when it comes to finding the highest quality, best-tasting nuts, ingredients and spices.  From superior in-shell Virginia peanuts to choice California almonds to savory Vietnamese cashews, we bring you the best.

Our Guiding Principles

You can count on Hoody’s for the finest products with exceptional service and great value. To achieve that, we...

  • Listen to our customers & consumers.
  • Stay flexible to meet their needs.
  • Respond quickly and effectively.